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Most homes have at least one computer. At some point that computer will need service and you will want it fast!.  But rather than picking up the entire computer and taking it somewhere to be fixed, call Rhino Unlimited and let us service it remotely!

We have more than 20 years of hands-on experience working with computers. We can remove viruses and spyware. We can install software, and we can even make your business computer accessible from home.

In short, when it comes to any aspect of using your home computer, as long as you have Internet access, we can help make the experience more enjoyable and productive.

If you are interested in participating in Remote Services, we will assist you in setting it up on your computer - at No Charge! Just give us a call at 706-963-1507 OR 954-346-4702, or email to let us know and we will "walk you thru" the setup via phone or email. Then anytime you have a problem, call or email... to let us know the nature of your problem, then leave your computer turned ON and connected to the Internet. REMOTE SERVICES are payable by CREDIT CARD. Invoices will be emailed.

Our Office Hours are from 9 AM until 6 PM, Monday thru Friday, where we will personally take your call, and of course, you can always reach us via email.

We devote all our resources to providing excellent service for your home computer.

Just give us a call at 706-963-1507 OR 954-346-4702 or e-mail us at info@rhinounlimited.com for more information.